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subway sandwich artist training quiz questions and study - memorizing the formulas for each sandwich for your subway training writing by a subway worker learn with flashcards games and more for free, owning a subway franchise taking the wonderlic test - subway wonderlic test after you finish filling in the application for owning a subway franchise you will be requested to pass the wonderlic basic skills test this test is a short form exam that assesses your basic verbal and math skills, subway store 7338 employee training manual - subway store 7338 employee training manual table of contents iii the training process begins with a pre test you will be given one pre test before all 5 of your 4 subway employee training manual done with this process you will clock in for the first time your first day of training hours will, subway training test yahoo answers - subway training test i have to take some test on today and i was wondering if it was hard am i worrying over nothing all the manager said was that i would be taking the test today, subway manager training flashcards cram com - study flashcards on subway manager training at cram com quickly memorize the terms phrases and much more cram com makes it easy to get the grade you want, subway sandwich questionaire proprofs quiz - what each sandwich is named and what it is contained in it along with porportions, subway sandwich artist training career trend - training subway provides on the job training for its sandwich artists as well as subway university online training and certification in food safety and franchise procedures, what are the answers for the subway application employment - the best way to begin preparing for the subway employment test is to study the subway sandwich artist job description if a person has the knowledge and experience to fulfill all of the job duties then he should be able to answer test questions about these responsibilities