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amazon com the epic of gilgamesh penguin classics - andrew george s masterly new translation the times of the world s first truly great work of literaturemiraculously preserved on clay tablets dating back as much as four thousand years the poem of gilgamesh king of uruk is the world s oldest epic predating homer by many centuries, amazon com the epic of gilgamesh 9780140441000 - this edition provides a prose rendering of the epic of gilgamesh the cycle of poems preserved on clay tablets surviving from ancient mesopotamia of the third mi llennium b c one of the best and most important pieces of epic poetry from human history predating even homer s iliad by roughly 1 500 years the gilgamesh epic tells of the various adventures of that hero king including his quest, epic of gilgamesh wikipedia - the epic of gilgamesh l m is an epic poem from ancient mesopotamia that is often regarded as the earliest surviving great work of literature the literary history of gilgamesh begins with five sumerian poems about bilgamesh sumerian for gilgamesh king of uruk dating from the third dynasty of ur c 2100 bc these independent stories were later used as source, gilgamesh ancient history encyclopedia - gilgamesh is the semi mythic king of uruk in mesopotamia best known from the epic of gilgamesh written c 2150 1400 bce the great sumerian babylonian poetic work which pre dates homer s writing by 1500 years and therefore stands as the oldest piece of epic world literature the motif of the quest for the meaning of life is first fully explored in gilgamesh as the hero king leaves his, the epic of gilgamesh andrew george 9780140449198 - the ancient sumerian poem the epic of gilgamesh is one of the oldest written stories in existence translated with an introduction by andrew george in penguin classics, nimrod who was he was he godly or evil webbible - found at khorsabad this eighth century bc stone relief is identified as gilgamesh the best known of ancient mesopotamian heroes gilgamesh was king of uruk in southern mesopotamia his story is known in the poetic gilgamesh epic but there is no historical evidence for his exploits in the story